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Data for Safety Management

Dates:March 22-26, 2021
Meets:M, Tu, W, Th and F from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 5 sessions
Location:LAX Campus
Instructor:Instructor Information
Fee: $2,650.00

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The analysis of digital flight data collected from actual flights is resulting in tremendous steps forward in aviation safety. It is no longer necessary for an accident or incident to occur in order that safety hazards are revealed. Flight Data Analysis provides a wealth of safety critical information that can utilized to identify trends, issues and potentially dangerous practices. All modern commercial and business jet aircraft are equipped with flight data recorders that serve as the initial collection devices for flight data analysis. This course will present the basics of flight data analysis based upon real-time flight information. It will present opportunities to analyze collective flight data as would be utilized by a commercial aircraft operator. The course will present animation software that depicts flight profiles and examine other sources of data including video and air traffic control data that may be used in creating a data-based safety case.

Objectives: To provide first-hand experience in the collection and analysis of safety critical flight data. To create an understanding of the basics of Flight Data Analysis, how Flight Data Analysis contributes to a SMS, and how Flight Data Analysis can result in positive improvements in aviation safety performance.

Who Should Attend: Individuals from aviation enterprises that are involved in or wish to be involved in the collection and analysis of safety related aviation data.

Course Outline

    Flight Data Recorders, types, capabilities and history
    Evolution of Flight Data Analysis
    Relationship to Aircraft Accident Investigation
    Cases Studies
    International Regulatory Standards
    Relationship to SMS
    Cockpit Voice Recorders
    Video Data
    Technical Standards and Performance
    Recovery of CV’s and FDR’s
    Air Traffic Control Data
    Components with Non Volatile Memory
    Commercial Safety Data Services
    Animation of Flight Data
    ADS-B Practical Exercise

Course Duration: 4.5 Days